Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Mix and Match for New Story Ideas

Found this gem and since I’m working with remixes this semester, I figured it’d be a helpful companion along the way! 🙂

Live to Write - Write to Live

mix it upNothing is new. At least, that’s what they say. The stories we tell today are the same stories that have been told all over the world and throughout the ages. Our job as writers is less about finding a new and unique story than it is about finding a new and unique way to tell an old story:

  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Hero Slays the Monster
  • Peasant Becomes Royalty
  • Adventurer Completes the Quest
  • Sleuth Solves the Mystery
  • And so on …

What can you do to make an old story new? How do you transform a predictable tale into something that’s exciting both to the reader and to you, the writer?

Mix it up.

If you’re stuck for a new story idea, try mining the “old,” tried and true stories and then adding a twist. For instance:

  • Put an old story or character in a new setting.
    • Take classic fairytale characters…

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