Process. When I made the profile of my mom, I wanted something that my mom would like. I wanted to represent her—but honestly in a rather abstract way. When I thought about my mom, I thought about all that she had done for me and for my family. My profile of her ended up being very family oriented and not as specific and focused just on her as it could have been. Originally, I was thinking about find things that were “unique” to only her, but then I realized that she is a big part of my whole family—so I wanted to show that side of her, instead.

When I was doing the remix profile of my mom, I immediately thought about how she has done so much for me and my family. She is an excellent cook and she taught several of us at home for school. I wanted something that would be able to reflect that. The alphabet food book captured that very nicely, I thought. I used iBooks on my Mac and then inserted more pictures that I found online.

I really did not feel like I needed to revise what I had done on the profile. I started and finished with the idea of book. The content of my book varied slightly. At first, I thought about making a straightforward cookbook that included recipes that my family loved. However, I wanted something that was more informative than just the recipes. I wanted to focus on the stories behind the food. That is when I made the alphabet book profile of my mother.

Rationale. I wanted to accurately represent my mom and I was not sure how to show her in a way that would reflect her. However, I decided that I was going to focus on just one part of her and not worrying about portraying her entire self. I realize that it is nearly impossible to perfectly capture any person. We are too complex of human beings to be completely classified and “captured.” I want others to see my mom in a way that I see a big part of her. Since food plays a huge part in our home, and since my mother is the primary baker/chef, food plays a huge role in my mom’s life.


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