Remixing Another Text–Little Red Riding Hood

Okay, so today marks the first official day of SPRING BREAK!!!

What did I do?

Went to a quilt shop with my mom.

No joke, driving down I {almost} had an emotional breakdown.

Then, I walked into the quilt store. Instantly, I felt soothed. And inspired. ❤ Ahhhh I love textile crafts sooo much!!!

And there were these fabrics designs by Moda (one of my new favorite companies!)

It’s called Little Red Riding Hood. And man, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! Just looking at it I knew that it had to be designed by a Japanese person because…I can just tell that kind of thing.

It was everywhere in the store. I could not get away from it and I hated it because I wanted it, but I kept telling myself I didn’t need it. I was going to make an apron instead.

I picked out fabric for an apron. And while I was waiting in the checkout line, there it was again. Those colorful, cute, tempting, adorable, “these-are-the-cutest-things-ever,” kawaii-kind-of-cute, fat quarters. I told my mom, who was standing right next to me,




“Ah, I can’t get away from these!” What can I use it for?? A remix?? Which one? Self-Portrait? Nope. Profile of another person? No. Does this represent a group I’m either a part of or one that i’m not? Not that I could think of off the top of my head. Could I use this as my remixing another text? Automatically I said no. Then I read the title again, “Lil’ Red”….ohhhh of course!!!! Little Red Riding Hood! And Stacey Iset Hsu has already remixed that story into fabric! Now, I can remix the fabric into something else.

YAY!!!! I could buy it with a free conscious.




So, I’m planning on making a fabric book out of it. 🙂

I’m really excited about it!!




So, that’s the idea.

I think I’ll use the directions from this blog.

I’ll post pictures as I go forward.