Reflection for Self-Portrait

Isabelle Sackett

February 23, 2016

Reflection for Self-Portrait


Purpose of the Remix:

This remix is designed to be a self-portrait. I hope that when someone looks at this mosaic, they will see many different parts of “me.” We are complex and creative individuals, and I do not believe that we can easily be categorized. Thus, I believed a mosaic composed of important pictures, quotes, and other special items would be appropriate. Additionally, the overall picture was taken my senior year of college and showcases my major—English Literature.


Topic and how it fits: The mosaic fits the topic because it is a self-portrait. I have created a picture of me.


Medium: This work is a digital mosaic. I chose to do a mosaic, because I thought that it would be able to reflect how I (and all humanity) are complex beings and many things go into and affect us to make us who we “are.”



Creating this mosaic started off on a whim. I wanted to make something different and unique, yet I did not want to make something that was entirely “unhuman.” Originally, I had so struggled with the idea of a self-portrait that I at first had decided to make a work that would bear no visual representation to myself. One of the many ideas I had for the self-portrait was a far-fetched idea of letting others describe me. Basically, I had decided to take personality quizzes and tests and patch the results together in some fashion. I planned on using Buzzfeed and other websites and be completely ridiculous. This, I thought, would in no way really reveal the true me. Since I did not have to worry about personally revealing myself, I felt I had a protection field around me. If people made fun of the remix, I decided there was no way I would be able to take it personally. After all, Buzzfeed was the one responsible for describing me, not actually myself.

After thinking about that idea for some time, I realized that I didn’t like it. I liked the idea of having lots of little pieces describing me, but I did not care for the idea of the Buzzfeed quizzes. Additionally, I wondered where and how I would draw the line and decide which quizzes to take and which to skip. I wanted something more personal. I lost the fear of exposing myself and gained the courage I needed. I decided to go through pictures that I had of myself on my laptop and combine them with quotes and pictures of things that were important to me. These “things” varied greatly. I collected pictures of my family and friends. I included and searched for pictures of books and covers that I liked. I wanted Bible verses that were important to me—Instagram-ish pictures of cozily arranged tea scenes and mountains. I wanted it to be a collection of important things.

Once I had collected these pictures, I found a website that creates photo mosaics. I uploaded a picture of myself holding a stack of books on my head because this picture is recent and shows my love of literature—and the literature that I love. I thought this was perfect timing because I am graduating this semester and what better way to finish the semester than with the opportunity to reflect on what is important to me.



The multi-faceted, multi-layered, complexity of the beings that we are is the foremost inspiration for this mosaic. We are created very intelligent beings and we should be using all our gifts. We are unique and as a Christian, I see myself as reflecting God’s glory. I wanted a self-portrait that would attempt to capture the many interests, loves, desires, passions, dreams, and activities that I have.


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