Self-Portrait: Remix

Well, y’all, today I remixed myself using tiny pictures of me.

Let’s talk about a very self-centered project.

Any ideas on how to make this less me focused???

  1. Compose myself of things that I like.
  2. My friends

But, here’s this part at least.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.05.00 PM




Hello friend,

I’m a senior at Oklahoma State University and I’m saved by Grace. God’s grace, to be specific. And one thing I love is tea. Every morning (with some exceptions) I drink a cup, or two, or three, of tea. I think I have been drinking tea since I was five. My mother did, and being the always-wanting-to-be-older-than-I-am child, I joined her. I’m sure I burned my tongue many times. But my mother might have appreciated that brief bit of silence from me. Like Anne of Green Gables, I am fascinated with talking and imagining. And sharing my thoughts with others. My thoughts and my ideas. Sometimes they are quite ridiculous. I am thankful for the friends that I have. They have to suffer through a lot listening to me ramble on and on about something random and often, unimportant. Anyways. I am an English major. I was born in Baltimore, MD; moved to St. Louis, MO; moved to Havre de Grace, MD, drove across the country to live in California, flew to northern Japan, flew back to Cheyenne, Wyoming; drove ten hours south to New Mexico, and now I live here. In Stillwater, OK. Traveling is fun. Moving every three or four years has had is blessings…and its…disadvantages. Leaving friends is hard. Making new friends is also hard. But, both are valuable and worthwhile. Hard things usually are.

I have four younger siblings. I love them fiercely. I’m loyal and dependent. And right now I feel like I’m describing a Golden Retriever. Playful, happy, positive, friendly. One difference? I’m not a dog. My hair is rather blonde, though. Another difference? Just ask my parents, I wasn’t the most docile child you’ll ever meet; and that whole “easy to train” thing? I was more stubborn than submissive.

Let’s see…more about me. I like running, baking, cooking, writing, dreaming, being with people, exercising, playing games with my family, knitting, making up things (like food recipes, crafting patterns, words…) I’ve played and taught piano for over ten years. I took viola lessons for one year, and guitar lessons for three months.